7 Tips for Saving Money at the Drugstore to Keep You Fabulous and Frugal ...


I love saving money at the drugstore on beauty finds, bath and body items,vitamins and supplements, nail supplies, and even fun little surprises that you don’t expect. Let’s face it: if you’re not careful, the drugstore can be an easy way to spend a lot of money fast. Some items are overpriced, there are tons of impulsive buys everywhere you look, and the food section alone, is filled with tempting ways to make you spend money fast. Believe it or not, there are some easy ways to save money at the drugstore that anyone can use. I hope you’ll use these that I’ve loved using for years, and be sure to share any tips you might have for me!

1. Clip Coupons First

Before you ever even leave your house to go to the store, one of the best tips for saving money at the drugstore is to clip any coupons you can find online at home. Print them out, take them with you, and check your circulars for coupons. There are always tons of coupons for drugstores in the weekly newspaper circular ads, so check those first! These coupons can save you up to 50% or more most of the time, and it’s simply silly not to do this before you go.

Grab the Sales Flyer
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