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Tips for saving money on holiday décor are extremely handy around this time of year! Maybe you want to fix your place up to feel festive, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend, and you aren’t sure how to stretch each dollar and get the most out of it. Well, here are some suggestions and tips to do just that! My tips for saving money on holiday décor are just below; please keep reading if you’re ready to deck your halls without clearing out your piggy bank!

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Shop after Christmas

This is one of the best tips for saving money on holiday décor! Unfortunately, it’s not very helpful until NEXT year, when you can use your new décor! Many stores start marking down their Christmas items in the week leading up to Christmas, and then the day after Christmas, you can get some wonderful deals, like 75-90% off! It’s worth the savings!


Poke around Thrift Stores

You can find some really cute stuff at thrift stores. I’ve found authentic vintage Christmas décor, as well as brand new, still in packaging Christmas items at thrift stores and consignment shops! It’s a good idea to plug in lights or other electrical items to make sure they work before purchasing. I once bought 5 boxes of lights in brand new condition for $.50 each at a thrift store! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


Make Your Own

It’s easy to make your own ornaments or other Christmas décor. Spray paint Styrofoam balls or cover them with cute material. Use pushpins and hot glue to add on buttons, gems, or other decorative items. Make your own Christmas wreath by using some garland or ribbon wrapped around any old wreath form you have laying around. Garnish with pinecones or a couple of old ornaments.Check out the AWS DIY section for tons of great things you can make yourself. diy.allwomenstalk.com


Recycle Christmas Cards

Get in the habit of saving Christmas cards! Then you can cut off the decorative parts and turn them into nametags for your gifts! Another way to recycle Christmas cards is by turning them into postcards! Cut off the fronts of pretty cards, write your greetings on the back, and mail them as postcards!


DIY Wrapping Paper

If you have some brown paper bags leftover from the grocery store, here is an easy way to turn them into wrapping paper for your gifts! Cut the bags so that they lay flat. Then, using little sponges in the shapes of Christmas trees, stars, etc. use red and green paint to decorate the paper. Once the paint dries, you will have homemade wrapping paper that makes a unique and rustic gift presentation!


Be Creative and Frugal

Don’t be afraid to think of inexpensive ways to do something. For example, last year I wanted lighted garland for all my doorframes and windows. It was going to cost me around $15.00 to buy enough lighted garland for just one doorway. So I bought several bundles of plain garland, a few boxes of lights, and made my own lighted garland! I spent around $14.00 and got enough lighted garland for all my windows and doors, plus some left over. I just twisted the lights and garland together and it worked out perfectly.


Remember That Less is More

Sometimes the simplicity of a tree that isn’t loaded down with ornaments or a room that isn’t crowded with Christmas paraphernalia is better than having decorations stuffed in every nook and cranny. In the end, Christmas isn’t about an 8-foot tall tree or a roomful of gifts. Remember the true reason for the season and don’t stress too much over decorations and perfection!

Christmas is my favorite time of year, and I love to go all out! But recently I’ve had to scale back due to finances. These tips have been helpful for me is stretching my budget and making the most of my dollar for decorating around the holidays! What are your tips for saving a few bucks on holiday décor? Please comment below and thanks for reading! Have a Merry Christmas!

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Don't forget to use what you have bowls etc fill with inexpensive dollar store balls and top with a pickBig Bang for your buck

I did a newspaper themed Christmas one year when I was flat broke - I won 'Chicest Chrismas' that year!

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