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7 Top Tips for Success from Richard Branson ...

By Neecey

Tips for success from Richard Branson are an insight to true achievement. When you’re a globally successful tycoon, you aren’t always liked but people will always listen to what you have to say – as they say – money talks! And you can’t argue against the success of Richard Branson. Having left school at 16, he started small when he founded Virgin Records but he has grown it into a worldwide empire of businesses including media, airlines, technology, trains and finance. I think that means it’s worth hearing the tips for success from Richard Branson.

1 Follow Your Dreams

All successes start with a dream. Whether it is to be your own boss, you’ve got an amazing invention, you want to help people – there’s always a motivation in starting a business. One of the top tips for success from Richard Branson is that whatever your motivation, when are going to start your own business, make sure it is based on something you are passionate about. Setting out with the ambition merely to make money is not enough. Success will be more exciting and rewarding.

2 Be the Best

Believe in your idea and strive to be the best. When you start and run your own business, you are in a privileged position to do good. You either bring something to the world that people need or you provide employment. You can make a difference if you strive to do the best you can. Aim to be the best and those people who work with/for you will be inspired to do the same. People want to work for a company that is doing well and doing good.


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3 Persevere

If being an entrepreneur was easy we’d all be one. The odds are stacked against anyone starting a new business but if you believe and persevere, you give yourself a better chance of beating those odds. There will be times when your back is up against the wall but you have to find the answers and work through the issues. When failure knocks you down, get up, brush yourself down and carry on.

4 Lists and Challenges

How many self help and advice articles do you read that tell you to make lists and write things down? Richard Branson believes this is a worthwhile strategy. He makes copious lists because his philosophy is that the little details make an exceptional company not an average company. Details will drive you to set yourself new targets and challenges. If you don’t write down the things you want to achieve, time slips by and you don’t achieve much.

5 Have Fun at Work

I’m going to give you a direct quote here. Richard Branson says “I 100% believe that it’s important to have fun and if you’re not having fun anymore, it might be time to move on.” And, this doesn’t just apply to you. Fun starts at the top and works downward. Create an atmosphere and environment that people want to work in and help them to flourish. Look for the best in people – praise don’t criticize.

6 Delegation

One of the most important things to learn early on in your career as an entrepreneur is the art of delegation. Richard Branson says that one of the reasons for his success is because he knew he was a good entrepreneur but not a good manager. He finds people better equipped to manage his businesses, freeing up his time to focus on the wider picture.

7 Free Time and Finding Time for Loved Ones

We all know that to be successful, you have to be driven. It often involves making sacrifices. But you have to find time to step away from the business and find time to spend with family and people who make you happy - loved ones and friends. Learning to switch off gives you breathing space and you go back to your business re-energized and more focused. If you have a family, being with them will remind you what you are working for.

Every successful business person has wisdom to share. I like the tips for success from Richard Branson because they seem to have a whole life focus not just a business focus. Do you admire him? What other entrepreneurs inspire you?

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