7 Top Ways to Avoid Getting into Debt ...


It’s a good thing to try to avoid getting into debt, especially if you are young and just starting out on your own! It’s easy to quickly accumulate bills and debt to pay off, and having that stigma hanging over your shoulder is no way to live! In my own struggle to pay off debt, I’ve discovered a few ways to avoid getting into more debt. Please keep reading to discover my top ways to avoid getting into debt!

1. Don’t Have a Credit Card

The easiest way to avoid getting into debt is by not having a credit card. Sounds simple enough, but it’s hard to toss those credit cards out the door! Some people like to have a credit card for emergencies only, but that’s up to your own discretion. You would need to exercise the self-control not to use it unless it was an emergency!

Never Take out Loans
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