7 Tricks That Can Help You save on Doctor Appointments ...


Although healthcare is costly, there are practical ways to save on doctor appointments. Even with health insurance, a doctor appointment or other medical service might result in unexpected out-of-pocket costs. Not a problem if you have extra income, but if you’re cash-strapped, the cost of healthcare might be too much to handle. Here is a look at seven possible ways to save on doctor appointments.

1. Go to Urgent Care

Going to the emergency room is one option if you need medical care after your doctor’s regular hours. However, emergency care isn't cheap. The emergency room is recommended for serious medical conditions, such as difficulty breathing or chest pains. But for minor problems, such as an eye infection, a broken bone, the flu or a sinus infection, you can save on doctor appointments by going to your nearest urgent care facility.

Cancel Appointments within 24 Hours
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