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7 Ways the Internet Can save You Money ...

By Valencia

Do you know all the ways the Internet can save you money? Just about everyone has the Internet — either at home, or on their phone or tablet. Because it's widely used, many people can't remember a time without the World Wide Web. But the Internet isn't just a place to get information, it’s also a money-saving tool. Here are seven ways the Internet can save you money.

1 Stream Movies on the Cheap

The ability to stream movies is one of the best ways the Internet can save you money. If you have a family, going to the movies can cost as much as $60 or $70. With the Internet, your family can enjoy a movie night at home without breaking the bank. Services like Netflix cost very little, and many cable providers offer on-demand services that let customers stream movies.

2 Telecommute

If you have reliable Internet at home, your employer may allow you to work from home. Before the Internet, working from home was a rarity. Nowadays, if you can connect to the Internet, you can work for anybody from any location.


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3 Pay Bills Online

In my opinion, the ability to pay bills online is one of the best features of the Internet. Not only do you avoid buying a book of stamps each month, and wasting money going to the post office, paying bills online also alleviates late payments and late fees. It can take several days for a piece of mail to arrive via snail mail. Unfortunately, if you don't mail a bill at least seven days before its due date, there's a chance that it’ll arrive late.

4 Save on Gas

If you're a stickler for getting the lowest gas prices, websites such as can help you locate the cheapest gas prices within a 10-mile radius of your home. Gas prices are through the roof, and unfortunately, it isn't getting any cheaper. Using the Internet to save can reduce your transportation costs and keep cash in your pocket.

5 Clothes

Getting the best deal on clothes involves comparison-shopping, which means you have to go from one retail store to another. Fortunately, the Internet makes shopping for clothes easier and cheaper. For example, you can compare prices among different retailers by simply opening multiple browsers; and if you sign up for a retailer’s email club, you’ll receive emails for exclusive online sales.

6 Travel

Everyone deserves a vacation. However, between hotels, airfare and car rentals, travel might be out of reach. The Internet provides an excellent way to save on everything vacation related. Several travel websites are available to compare rates among different companies. Additionally, there are websites that offer last-minute deals on getaways and cruises, plus online-only hotel specials.

7 Entertainment

If you like to have fun, but don't have a huge budget, head online and check out cheap entertainment deals. Several sites are available to help you save, such as Groupon, LivingSocial and You can find half-off deals for concerts, restaurants, theater performances and other local events. This way, you can maintain a social life without going broke.

So, are you taking full advantage of the Internet? It’s definitely a good place to connect with friends, play games or educate yourself. However, with so many opportunities to save, using the Internet can put your finances on track. What other ways can you save with the Internet?

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