8 Valuable Career Skills You Can Teach Yourself ...


Just because you are already out of school doesn't mean you can't still learn valuable career skills! There are tons of things you can still learn and most of them you can do by teaching yourself in your free time! The more valuable skills you learn, the better chance you have at standing out from others when applying for a job or promotion. So put some of your free time aside to learn some of these valuable career skills you can teach yourself!

1. Coding

There was actually a recent viral video that came out expressing how important it is to start teaching coding in schools. However, if you're out of school already, this is definitely one of the most valuable career skills that you can teach yourself from this list. There are several websites where you can learn the basics of coding for free! Codecademy.com is one of the easier sites to get started with and it will teach you the basics of JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, Ruby, and APIs. This is incredibly useful information to learn as you can use it to create interactive websites, games, and applications! It's definitely a great skill to have on your resume as many people currently in the work force don't know much coding still.

Artistic Skills
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