7 Ways to Adjust Your Single Lady Shopping Habits when Starting a Family ...


If you've been single and on your own for awhile, you might be used to spending money however you want. Maybe you shop on a regular basis, take frequent trips with your friends and eat out several times a week. But once you decide to settle down and start a family, you'll have to adjust your single lady shopping habits. Here are seven tips to get your money right before having kids.

1. Stop Financing Your Wants

You don't have to stop spending money completely once you decide to have a family, but you will need to watch your pennies and spend wisely. For starters, stop financing your wants. Whether you're buying clothes, electronics or furniture, don't use a credit card and don't get in-store financing. Save up and pay cash so you won't be burdened with debt.

Develop a Love for Discount Shopping
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