7 Ways to Avoid Charging Gifts for Friends or Relatives ...


If you want to minimize debt, there are ways to avoid charging gifts for friends or families. Between anniversaries and graduations, you might find yourself purchasing gifts throughout the year. This isn't a problem if you have a lot of money. But if you’re cash-strapped, buying gifts can take a chunk of your income. And in these situations, you might rely on a credit card. However, charging gifts isn’t the answer — if anything, you'll complicate your finances. For that matter, here are seven ways to avoid charging gifts.

1. Start a “giving” Account

Opening a “giving” account with your bank is one of the best ways to avoid charging gifts. Each paycheck, set aside $15, $20 or whatever you can afford. Use the money in this account specifically for purchasing gifts. This way, when a special occasion arises you'll have funds available to buy a gift.

Set Limits
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