Avoid a Serious Case of Buyer's Remorse with These Tactics ...

Buyer’s remorse is a horrible thing to experience. You have made a purchase only to regret it later and sometimes very deeply. What are your options when you have buyer’s remorse? These are 7 ways you can deal with that very issue.

1. Check the Return Policy

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This is step number 1 when you are dealing with buyer’s remorse. Check the return policy wherever you bought the item. You may be fortunate enough to be able to simply take it back. A lot of times it depends on what the item is. Generally, an item like a pair of jeans is more easily returned than something like a piece of furniture or a car.

2. Talk to the Manager

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Sometimes you can talk to the manager and work something out when you have buyer’s remorse. This holds true even if they don’t have a very flexible return policy. Perhaps you can point out that the item didn’t hold up well or was damaged in some way. Sometimes simply expressing that you are disappointed the store won’t work with you and that you are a loyal customer tips the scales in your favor. It's worth a try.

3. Look for Loopholes

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Sometimes you can find a loophole that allows you to return the item. It may be a stipulation in the return policy that goes in your favor. It never hurts to look for that loophole. Sometimes you can call the company and explain your dilemma and they will help you. This is especially true if you are a frequent shopper at that store.

4. Trade It in

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If the store will not let you return the item, consider trying to trade it in. This isn’t the same thing as getting your money back but it might allow you to choose an item that you like better. This may or may not help alleviate your buyer’s remorse. It is an option. It might make you a little more satisfied.

5. Resell the Item

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If you can’t return or exchange the item, consider reselling it. Of course you do not want to take a loss on the item but if you can sell it and not lose money, it’s a good solution. Think about who might be interested in the item. This doesn’t always work but is a solution in some cases. It might help you to get rid of your buyer’s remorse.

6. Make Peace with Your Purchase

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You know, sometimes you just can’t return an item or get rid of it without losing money. In this case, it is best to try to make peace with your purchase. You liked it when you originally bought it so something about it was appealing to you. Try to recapture that feeling for yourself. All you can really do is make the best of it at this point.

7. Learn from the Experience

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Buyer’s remorse is usually a lesson you don’t have to experience too many times to learn from it. Let this experience help you in the future. Make sure that you don’t repeat this mistake. In the future, be sure to carefully consider your purchases before you buy them. This case of buyer’s remorse may be worth it if it saves you from making purchases that leave you with buyer’s remorse in the future.

Buyer’s remorse is never fun. Have you ever had it? How did you deal?

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