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If you’ve been working at your job for any amount of time, chances are you are wondering how to get a raise! Getting a raise is one of the benefits of working for a company where you can climb the ladder. Unfortunately, some of us have to work harder for that promotion than others. If you’re one of those people, here are several different fail-proof methods on how to get a raise!

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Success Increases Your Chances

When looking for tips on how to get a raise, it’s important to remember this amazing little tip. Wait to ask for a raise right after a huge success on your part! Don’t be prideful or boastful, but it’s a proven method that asking for a raise right after you’ve done an exceptional job on something is pretty much foolproof. Be frank and open with your boss, and explain that this is just the beginning of successful opportunities you can provide to the team!


Showcase Your Talents

If you think you deserve a raise, then you should prove it. Keep track of everything you’ve accomplished and brought to the table. No need to brag about it, but if you are confident in your own success, your boss will be too. Make yourself a valuable asset. Don’t suck up, but do be available and willing when no one else is.


Be the Co-worker and Employee Who Deserves It

No one likes to work with a sourpuss or a deadbeat. You have to step up to the plate and dish out as much as you take! Be a pleasant and helpful co-worker, as well as a willing and hard-working employee. If you show that you deserve a raise, chances are you will get it!


Don’t Sit around and Wait

No need to just wait for your yearly evaluation. There are things you can be doing in the meanwhile to secure that coveted raise! If you think you deserve a pay bump, speak with your boss about it whenever the chance arises. Don’t nag, but show that you are determined and dedicated to your job and your desire for a raise.


Do Your Research

It’s a good idea to come to anything prepared! Do your research on the company you work for. Once you have facts and policies on pay grade levels, how raises work, and how often you can expect one, then you can present your case openly and honestly. Your chances of walking away empty-handed will lessen when you actually know what you are talking about!


Be Straightforward

No one likes a sneaky, under-handed person, but especially your boss. Your boss will see you coming a mile away if you start to suck up, whine, beat around the bush, or play the victim. Be straightforward about what you want and why you want it. Honesty is always the best policy, and that goes for your attitude and sincerity as well!


Be Prepared for a “No”

If you’ve done everything you can do, and you still receive a “no,” then it’s out of your hands. Instead of sulking away, ask if there is anything else you can have at the moment, don’t seem greedy about it though. Extra vacation time, overtime hours, or added benefits are all good places to start. And keep as smile on your face no matter what. Your boss may not feel like dealing with an attitude if you present yourself with one!

I do hope these tips will help you to get that raise you deserve! Many of us work hard daily to provide for our family, and contribute a lot to the team. Getting a raise will lift your spirits as well as your wallet! If you have any tips for securing a raise, then please don’t hesitate to comment below. Thanks for reading!

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