7 Ways to Improve Job Security in a Tough Market ...


When the economy isnโ€™t faring so well, the ways to improve job security take on a certain significance. Gone are the days where jobs for life were commonplace across a whole slew of sectors and industries; indeed, even public service and federal employees no longer enjoy a sense of security. Although thereโ€™s never going to be a guarantee, there are some ways to improve job security you can employ, especially if you like your job.

1. Have a Positive Attitude

Itโ€™s a tough economic market, and to set yourself above your co-workers you need to show that you are dedicated to and happy with your work. If you are negative, that attitude will spread around the office and youโ€™ll find yourself on the targeting list by the manager. If you really want to stay in your job, you have to develop the right attitude to make a positive influence on the workplace. If you are looking for ways to improve job security, you simply need to show that you love what you are doing.

Keep Track of What You Have Achieved
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