7 Ways to Pay Fewer Taxes You Might Not Know of ...


Who wouldnโ€™t want to know ways to pay fewer taxes? And legally! When prices are rising and our salaries and pay packets are just not keeping pace, any ways that we can maximize our income are welcome โ€“ especially if we donโ€™t have to work longer and harder to do it. These ways to pay fewer taxes are not universal but there may well be something in this list youโ€™re missing out on.

1. Make Use of Simple Tax Credits

One of many ways to pay fewer taxes is to take advantage of the earned income tax credit. This particular option is quite useful for low to moderate income taxpayers, especially for the ones who don't earn in excess of $50,000. The limit for the credit may vary a little from state to state, but you can definitely save up to $6,000 in most of the cases.

Tax Relief for Energy-Efficient Home Improvements
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