10 Ways to Redo Your Home on a Budget ...


10 Ways to Redo Your Home on a Budget ...
10 Ways to Redo Your Home on a Budget ...

I wanted to share these tips and ways to redo your home on a budget for you gals out there like me! I get bored easily and want to redo things, but it gets expensive. So I’ve come up with different things to do and ways to tweak your rooms to change them up without spending very much money at all! Keep on reading if you want to know 10 ways to redo your home on a budget!

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Don’t Paint Your Walls

This tip might sound crazy, but when you want to re-do your home on a budget, steer clear of using color on your walls! Go for a basic, neutral color such as white, cream, or tan. By doing this, you can easily and affordably change out the room's accessories to get a different look in the room without needing to repaint it!


Do Paint Your Furniture

One of my favorite things to do is look for pieces of furniture that need some extra care. I’ve found some inexpensive pieces and re-painted them for a custom piece of furniture that I love! You can give any item you own a face lift by painting it a new color and adding a pop of pizzazz to the room it’s going to be in.


Repair Items That Need TLC

An easy way to re-do a room on a budget is to repair items that need it. By mending a torn curtain, getting a drawer back on track, or removing stains from a rug, you have a new piece to put in your room without spending a dime! Some things we have laying around are easy fixes, so if that’s the case don’t hesitate to get busy and take care of it!


Ask for Advice

Sometimes our friends and family are the best people for giving us honest advice. Forget hiring a professional; just ask your neighbor what they think of your new living room curtains! Looking at things through other people’s perspectives can put great ideas in your mind or confirm what you were already suspecting.


Add Some New Accessories

It’s easy to give a room a new spin just by adding some fresh accessories! If you have a little extra cash on hand, run out and pick up a new wall painting or some cute throw pillows. For under $50, you can give your room a fresh perspective with the right items!


Rearrange Your Room Set-up

One of the most inexpensive ways to re-do a room on a budget is by rearranging it. You may need a hand with this one, depending on how heavy your furniture is. Change the positioning of your furniture, the way your pictures hang on the wall, or even the order of your knick-knacks on the coffee table! Small changes make a difference!


Do a Room Swap

Something I’ve done before when I needed a change was to switch out two rooms in my house! I have two living rooms, so it only took a couple hours to change out my furniture between those two rooms. If you can’t move around an entire room, try something smaller, like switching out the accessories from room to room, or maybe a small piece of furniture. Even a bookshelf or an end table can make a difference in the right spot!


Shop for Deals

Some times, you just need NEW items. Switching them up from room to room works for a while, but there are times I just really want a new shower curtain or rug! For these times, I check the clearance aisles in stores. I also keep my eyes peeled at thrift stores and yard sales, because you can find some unique pieces out there!


Small Things Matter

When you’re re-doing a room, don’t forget that the small things matter! Furniture placement is important, but hanging new curtains or adding an area rug can make a world of difference. Don’t leave out the small touches!



One of the things that has been a lifesaver for me in the redecorating-on-a-budget department is DIY! If you are able to Do It Yourself, then go for it. I’ve made my own curtains, throw pillows, wreaths, wall hangings, and much more using products I already had around the house!

Re-doing a room, or even your entire home on a budget has never been so easy! With these tips, you will be able to change up what you look at day in and day out, but your wallet won’t suffer for it. What are some of your favorite tips for re-doing a room in your home on a budget?

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