7 Ways to save Money on Painting Your Home ...


There are some great tips for decorating and doing up your home on a budget, but what if I told you there are also some ways to save money on painting your home? As painting is already one of the cheapest ways to give a room a fresh new look, knowing you can do it even more cheaply is a great incentive to get thinking about some new color schemes. Take notice of these ways to save money on painting your home and you might be reaching for the paintbrush right after!

1. Buy More

One of the obvious ways to cut the cost of painting is to buy in bulk. It is quite understandable that you will have to spend more to buy paint in 1-gallon cans as compared to buying in 5-gallon cans. In the U.S., you will be spending the same amount of money if you buy a 5-gallon bucket of paint or you buy four 1-gallon buckets – it means you will get a gallon for no extra charges if you buy a 5-gallon bucket. The only thing you should bear in mind is that the idea of buying in bulk will help save money on paint if you're painting your entire home, i.e. you should have a lot of square footage to cover. Otherwise, you’ll have a ton of paint leftover.

Mix Your Own
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