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Decorating and reinvigorating your home can be costly but there are some simple ways to save money when renovating your home that will mean you have more money for that holiday you are likely to need when the renovating is done! Okay, so when it comes to DIY, my partner and I are more Destroy in Yourself than Do It Yourself, but when it comes to saving money, we're right on the, well, money! Here are some hints and tips to enable you to save money when renovating your home this year.

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Renovating your home can be a daunting and costly task. Whether you've been living in your abode a while or you've bought a new home to 'fix and flip' or indeed live in for a while, there are some simple ways to save money. One example is thinking about whether you need to really rip everything out and start again. Is there anything your can simply replace? For example, you can completely transform a bathroom by simply changing the taps and the shower curtain. In the kitchen, how about just replacing the cupboard doors and draw fronts rather than the entire kitchen? This is just one of the ways to save money when renovating your home.


Decorating Tricks

There are some simple decorating tricks that can also help you save money whilst giving your home the make-over it needs. For example, you might like to have some beautiful etched glass but can't afford the cost. How about buying some window film, which will give the illusion of etching but for a fraction of the cost? Instead of an entirely new carpet, how about sanding down those floor boards underneath and adding a rug for a contemporary feel? Also, choose blinds which will be cheaper, as they require less fabric than curtains.


Dumpster Dive

Remember, one person's trash is another person's treasure! And whilst it's wise to be careful whilst digging around in a dumpster, you'll be amazed at what people throw away and what you can salvage. Another way to find things for free is to look on websites such as Freecycle.com, which is another port of call for all you environmentally conscious folk out there. This is a network which connects the people who are giving things away with the people who are looking to take it off their hands. Ingenious!


Thrift Shops

I am not ashamed to say I am big fan of thrift shops, car boot sales and yard sales. In short, I love finding unique things for a fraction of the price and practically the whole of our house is furnished with items we have bought secondhand. It makes environmental sense to re-use. Be sure to make a trip to secondhand places, as you're sure to pick up a gem or two.


Borrower Be

Tools can be expensive and if you're not a tradesperson, you're unlikely to use them more than once or twice. See if you can borrow some tools from friends and family but use them safely. If you're unsure, get someone to show you first or even see if they'll be kind enough to do it for you!


Family (and Friends) Affair

When it comes to labor, it can be costly to find someone to do the work for you if you're not a 'dab hand' around the home. Try and enlist the help of family and friends but make sure you leave the tricky technical stuff to the professionals if neither of you are qualified. No one wants a visit to the emergency room when you have a home to renovate!



Keep your eye out for clearances and sales, whether it's in the stores, outlets or discount warehouses. You can often pick up items which are only there because the box is slightly damaged, and who wants to display the box anyway?! Trade suppliers are also much cheaper than the high-street. Sometimes, they often require you to open an account with them in order to get the discount but it's probably worth it.

Has anyone undertaken any home renovations recently? Do you have any other hints and tips which will help save money?

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When I planned to repaint our house I see to it that that things needing repairs be attended first. In this way, I will not spending much in reprinting if damage was found late.

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