20 Ways to Use Social Media to Find a Job ...


We can’t get away from the way social media has invaded and become part of our lives. Like it or love it, social media is everywhere in all things. You can even use social media to find a job. And, why not? Social media can put us in contact with and give us access to millions of people we wouldn’t communicate with in the real world. In troubled financial times, it’s important to employ every bit of ammunition in your job hunting arsenal to find a job. Making the most of social media can indicate how ‘now and happening’ you are, and demonstrate an ability to think outside the box. So put down the jobs page, grab a coffee and read on for 20 Ways to Use Social Media to Find a Job:

1. Optimise Your Facebook Page

Make your Facebook page one big CV. Every word upon it should be carefully picked. Within the parts that allow you to write about your hobbies, likes and dislikes, you should put extra work related items. Make sure you only have a few pictures, and each one should look like a marketing picture, aka, you in suit, throwing ball for dog, hugging girlfriend/boyfriend.

Get on Youtube
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