8 Websites to Teach Kids about Money ...


When you are looking to teach kids about money, you don’t want to sound ‘preachy’ or come off like an old codger. It’s important that someone does teach kids about money in a home environment because financial lessons aren’t taught at school. Even if you’re not so savvy on the financial front, the importance of financial education for kids cannot be under-estimated. The sooner kids learn about money, the better placed they are to understand and manage it. If you’re looking for some ways to teach kids about money, here are some really helpful websites.

1. Citibank

Many banks and financial institutions provide educational resources to help teach kids about money. These are always good because banks know lots about money, and they are often more reliable than other websites (except for the ones in this list, of course!). Children at the K-2 stage can learn the basics of money and how to spend money, and grade 3-5 learn can learn the basics of bank accounts and how to be a ‘smart shopper.’

Money as You Grow
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