What Are You πŸ€” Going to do after Graduation πŸŽ“?


What are you going to do after graduation? You are a semester away from graduating with your college degree and you are hopeful for the future. You are ready to take on new challenges until you realize that you have zero work experience and everyone else seems to have life figured out. Try not to worry because I have some advice on your next steps. Here's the answer for what are you going to do after graduation?

1. Internships

In an ideal world, you have a great GPA, an active social life, and internships every summer as an undergrad. If not, then don’t worry but be prepared for a bit of a challenge. I would recommend that any college student start looking for internships in preparation for your junior year of college. If that didn’t happen for whatever reason, then you still have time to hunt one down. Talk to your past professors, network at job fairs, and check out your campus job board.

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