7 Alternative Ways to Make Money ...


If you’ve just handed in your resignation letter or graduated from college, you might be wondering how to make money.

As someone who recently quit her steady 9 to 5 job, the mere thought of paying the bills sent me into a finance frenzy.

Soon after, however, I discovered that there are myriad ways to bring in cash without being confined to a desk all week long (which I hated).

With these 7 tips on how to make money, you’ll line your pockets and fill your schedule –selling organs not necessary.

1. Freelance Write

If you had asked me how to make money a couple of years ago, I would have never guessed that blogging could pay (some of) the bills.

But lo and behold, it certainly can!

To acquire good clips, I started up my own blog on Tumblr.

I whipped up stories on the latest and greatest fashion trends, beauty products, and more.

Soon after, I began applying for blogging positions listed on Craigslist and pitching story ideas to my favorite websites.

While writing probably won’t make you rich, it’s worth it, especially for recent grads.

2. Start Your Own Blog

I’ve encountered more than one successful, happy woman who left her corporate job for the world of blogging.

Using affiliate links, you can create content that earns you green.

A very helpful 101 on affiliate links (what they are, how to use them, etc.) can be found here: ohamanda.com.

Just be sure that you’re ready to make a time-consuming commitment: Blogs should be regularly updated, original, thought-provoking, creative, and more.

If it’s something you don’t believe will stick, try guest blogging or freelancing first.

3. Intern

Many people equate intern with temporary slave/coffee-fetcher.2

However, this is often a misconception.

If you’re a recent college grad or soon-to-be grad and have some experience under your belt, search for paid internships on Craigslist, Indeed, or Google Search.

I’m preparing to start a writing internship with a start-up political website.

Not only is my boss personable, but she also understands my need for a flexible schedule.

Oh, and the checks in the mail are great, too!

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