7 Luxuries You Can't Afford on a Budget ...


There are lots of luxuries you can't afford when you're on a budget.

We've become so used to instant gratification;2

saving up until you can afford something is almost frowned upon in this age of easy credit.

But spending money you can't afford could leave you in serious financial difficulties, so it's very important to cut out the luxuries that your income won't allow.

Here are some of the luxuries you can't afford on a budget …

1. The Latest Gadgets

One of the luxuries you can't afford when you're living on a budget are the latest gadgets.

We don't actually need the latest smart phones, tablets and the myriad devices that suck up our cash.

In fact, we don't really need them at all - but we've convinced ourselves that we can't manage without them.

Well, not so long ago we managed just fine!

If a device is important to you, buy only what you can comfortably afford.

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