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I love to save money.

It’s a great feeling that you’ve got one over on the retailer when you grab a bargain.

You can save by comparing prices online with those in store, you can use money saving apps, or you can use coupons.

I know it can be a chore clipping coupons, but here are websites that have made couponing fun and easy.2

1. RetailMeNot

This site is definitely a dream come true for a real coupon lover.

With over 500,000 coupons from more than 50,000 stores, you can find a deal for pretty much everything.

And, they have an app available to help you score discounts from your smartphone while you're on the move.

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2. Shop at Home

Shop at Home has 94 million proud members who have subscribed for their Cash Back Rewards program.

No longer do you need to pay all that moolah to get your favorite pair of jeans or your favorite handbag – you can get it for less by getting 30%, and sometimes more, cash back on every dollar spent.2

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3. The Krazy Coupon Lady

The internet is a great way of sharing what you know, and that's exactly what two friends are doing at The Krazy Coupon Lady.

They used to exchange great savings and deals with each other, but they then decided to turn it into a website and let others enjoy those great discounts as well.

Today, it's one of the very best coupon websites with discounts in almost every category.

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4. Coupons

You gotta love websites with names that say exactly what’s in the tin.

Some sites have so much going on it can be overwhelming.

You spend so much time navigating that it isn’t worth the savings you eventually find.

That’s why you’ll love the simplistic way this site is laid out.

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