10 Simple Steps to Becoming a Freelancer ...


In this economy, there are three types of winners in the job world. There are the charming/charismatic (aka bootlickers), there are the experienced, and there are the cheap. Managers are always going to want people around to kiss their behind. They may claim that they hate sycophants, but secretly they complement the bossโ€™s ego. The experienced ones have an advantage over anyone who has put in fewer years than them, and the cheap have to work hard for very little.

What if you are not able (or donโ€™t want to) do any of those three things. You are left with two choices; state benefit programs or going into business for yourself. Going into business for yourself is not as difficult as it appears. You donโ€™t need an office, a mailbox rental, or even a company car. All you need is a skill and a lot of determination. If you have a skill, any skill, you can be a freelancer. If you can dig gardens then you can be a freelance gardener (call yourself a landscaper) and if you are great on the guitar then you can be a freelance guitar teacher. here is how to become a freelancer.

1. Take Stock of the Skills That You Have

You may be surprised at just how many skills you have. There are freelance jobs for just about anybody. There are beauty specialists, cooking specialists, carpet fitters, web designers, and advertising experts. Having just one skill is good, but if you have more than one skill, you should use it as an add-on service.

For example, you may be a diva with a chainsaw. You could trim the hedges of old people who cannot do the work themselves. As an additional extra, you could offer your services as a garden pond cleaner. The best thing is that as you are working on their hedges, you could have installed your pump into their pond and started it draining (remembering to remove the fish at some point). Another great thing is that these add-on services are often things that people wouldnโ€™t think to purchase on their own but are happy to have done whilst you are working on the primary project.

Look at How Other People Market Their Services