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If you are the same kind of person that I am, then you spend a considerable amount of your time at work slyly taking lots of personality quizzes online! Those types of tests and surveys can be really addictive, so why not make your time spent doing them a bit more worthwhile by finding tests that can really tell you something about yourself, and that can be helpful for the future? Here are eight great and free online career self-assessment tools that you can explore.

1. Myers-Briggs

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This is a classic personality test that provides insights into some very significant aspects of your character. For example, are you introverted or extroverted? The goal is to identify your core traits and then you can use that information to seek out opportunities that are ideal for your personality.


2. Keirsey Temperament Sorter

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This is a test that divides human temperaments into four distinct categories, guardian, idealist, rational, and artisan. It basically measures how you communicate with people and assesses what kind of actions you usually tend to go to in situations first.


3. MyPlan.com

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This is a test that can help you to identify your key motivations in life, and pinpoint what is really the most important to you. It ranks different aspects of your work and the results can encourage you to search for more suited opportunities in different areas.


4. Big Five

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As the name suggest, the Big Five test divides people into five core personality traits, openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. It helps to determine a preference out of the five for you and suggests learning styles and career fields that are best suited to your strengths.


5. 16personalities

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This test takes up where the Myers-Briggs leaves off, using those results and then adding further insight to them in the form of sixteen different personality types including mediator, commander, and defender. It’s a short one, only takes about 12 minutes!


6. ISeek Clusters

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This survey asks you to rate lots of different activities and school subjects, and creates a profile for you based on which career clusters are a match for your personality.


7. MyNextMove

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If you are looking for some inspiration and guidance as to what your next big career move should be, this 60 question beast might have some insights for you!


8. MAPP Test

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More than 8 million people have taken this test so far. It's a super thorough and professional programme that asks you all of the important and relevant questions to determine exactly what kind of jobs and careers would be the best for you.


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