6 Brilliant 💡 Ways to Support 👏 Your Fave 😁 Small Business 🛍 ...


Are you trying to find ways to support a local business? It feels like everyone has a side hustle. Whether it’s your relative’s new smoothie stand or makeup products you’ve been wanting forever, here are some ways to support a local business that you might’ve never thought of.

1. Shop There

Seems kinda obvious (duh), but sometimes it’s actually harder than it sounds. When you decide to shop small, it means resisting the urge to blow all your cash on super 70% off flash sales at a big chain store. And since small businesses usually don’t use mass production methods like bigger stores, it usually means that you’re paying more in the long run. But you’re supporting someone’s dream and usually, you’ll find things that you wouldn’t normally find at the mall. This is one of the best ways to support a local business.

Tell Your Friends
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