4 Awesome Things to Splurge on ...


4 Awesome Things to Splurge on ...
4 Awesome Things to Splurge on ...

Are you looking for new and exciting things to splurge on?

The mantra “treat yo self” has given a whole new dimension to the concept of rewarding yourself. The saying has only been around for a few years, but it has ingrained itself in pop culture forever.

We go to great lengths to treat ourselves to the modern delicacies we love: Junk food. Alcohol. New shoes. The latest iPhone. We’ll do whatever it takes and save up as much money as possible to justify these little moments of savory indulgence.

That’s not to say there’s something wrong with a little indulgence here and there. But nowadays, we seem to be more about instant gratification than the long term.

And quite frankly, it might be time to rethink the concept of “treat yo self” with our health and well-being in mind. That’s why we’re bringing you this list of 4 rewarding things to splurge on - and why you should start saving for them.

Let’s begin!

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High-Quality Mattress

We’ve all been there after a night of tossing and turning. Not enough caffeine in the world could keep us functioning at a normal level. But did you know that poor sleep can lead to diabetes and heart disease?

The health benefits of sleep are paramount. And so often, the quality of your sleep begins with your mattress.

If you’re looking for new things to splurge on, first, take your sleep into consideration. How well do you sleep on any given night? Are you able to get a full 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted REM sleep?

Then, think about the state of your current mattress. Is it old or worn-out? Do you wake up feeling groggy, sore, or stiff?

If so, it’s time to splurge on not only a new mattress but a high-quality one. We’re not saying buy the most expensive mattress on the market. But you should look to shell out the extra money on a mattress that’s known for promoting better sleep.

And while you’re at it, treat yourself to some new bedding, pillows, and pajamas!


Home Renovation & Decor

The design of your home, whether it’s a house or apartment, has more of an effect on your state of mind than you may realize. Not only does design shape our level of comfort and mobility, it can also play a role in our mood and identity.

If you’re looking for things to splurge on, think about how each room in your home makes you feel. Then, think about how you want each room to make you feel.

Room colour can affect your mood more than anything. And so can your furniture and the things you decorate your home with.

Maybe you don’t like spending a lot of time in your bedroom or living room. Their decor schemes may have something to do with that. Don’t just consider how to bring out the best qualities of each room. Look for items that showcase your personality and make you feel proud of your personal space.

If you rent, you may feel like there’s no point in putting money into your living quarters. But even so, you can still invest in things like furniture, which you can use for years to come.

Home improvement can be costly. It’s important to not only invest in what you need but on the things that will bring out the best of your home and your mood.


Your Physical Appearance

Contrary to some popular belief, investing in your physical appearance is not shallow. Of course, we should learn to love ourselves for who we are, no matter how we look. But there’s nothing wrong with saving up to splurge on the way you physically look. Because when you think you look good, you feel good.

There are many different things to splurge on when it comes to physical appearance. For example, there may be a skin exfoliation or cellulite treatment you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe you want to invest in hair extensions or a keratin hair treatment.

Perhaps you’ve never liked the way your breasts look. Maybe they shrank in size after having kids. If so, breast augmentation may be worth splurging on to boost your self-confidence.

Getting any kind of cosmetic or plastic surgery is a big deal, however. So, make sure you understand which questions to ask about breast augmentation or reduction if you go that route.

There are other ways you can splurge on your physical appearance, as well. Hiring a fitness trainer or a nutritionist are some options. Or, when in doubt, go ham on some new makeup!


New Hobbies

After you pay your monthly bills, where does the rest of your money go? Do you save most of it, or have you developed quite the weekend going out or brunch habit?

It’s good to get out with the girls and enjoy yourselves once in a while. But, you may be sick of spending your weekends hungover with Netflix. Maybe you dread having to check your bank balance every Monday morning.

If your hobbies are leaving you broke and feeling lousy, it’s time to start investing in some new ones. So, what are some things to splurge on that will keep you entertained and feeling good? Here are some ideas:

• A new bicycle
• Yoga class or community sports league
• Museum or theatre membership
• New cooking supplies & a cookbook
• Art classes and supplies
• A camera

Have you always dreamed of going abroad or seeing unfamiliar, foreign places? Traveling is expensive. But if you’re looking to redefine how you treat yourself, there is nothing richer than traveling.

You don’t even have to go overseas. Weekend hiking trips or excursions to nearby cities always suffice!

We want to know how you “treat yo self”! Let us know in the comments!

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