7 Amazing Ways That Friends Can save You Money ...


Believe it or not, but there are ways that friends can save you money. When planning a night with friends, you might decide to see a movie, get drinks or go out to eat. By the end of the night, you might spend a ton on fun. But getting together with friends doesn't have to be a costly event. Here are seven amazing ways that friends can save you money.

1. Buy in Bulk Together

Buying in bulk is one of the ways that friends can save you money. If you do the math, itโ€™s often cheaper to buy food and non-perishable items in bulk. The per unit price is typically cheaper, which saves money in the long term. But if you're shopping for just yourself, buying in bulk doesnโ€™t always make sense. This shopping method can work if you purchase bulk items with a friend/friends and divide the items among you.

Enjoy Group Rates
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