7 Top Tips for Reducing Your Water Bill ...


The cost of living always seems to go up, so reducing your water bill is a sensible move. You might think that you can't possibly cut your bills down, but there are lots of ways in which we waste water without noticing. Try these ways of reducing your water bill - you'll not only save yourself money, but also help conserve this precious resource …

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Turn Taps off

Turning the taps off is a great way of reducing your water bill. Leaving them running while brushing your teeth, washing your hands, or washing dishes wastes an awful lot of water. Get into the habit of only running the water when you need to rinse, and always make sure that the taps are properly off (if they're dripping, the water that's being wasted will add up).



It's well known that showering instead of having a bath saves a lot of water, but you can save even more by having what is known as a 'Navy shower'. This means turning the shower off while you soap up or shampoo your hair. Showering for ages may feel luxurious, but you're paying for all that water to simply wash down the drain.



If you live in an area that doesn't have a ban on hosepipes or sprinklers, you can still keep your garden watered without spending a fortune. If you install a water barrel you can collect all that free rainwater! You'll be surprised how quickly the barrel fills up. It's also wise to choose plants that are suited to drought conditions, as they will then require less water.



When you're buying a new washing machine, look for a model that uses less water. This will be especially economical if you do a lot of laundry. If your machine doesn't yet need replacing, make sure that you only do the laundry when you have a full load. Otherwise, make use of the half-load feature if the machine has one.


Washing Dishes

You've probably been under the impression that washing dishes by hand is a more economical way of using water. However, using a machine can actually be more efficient. As with the washing machine, wait until the dishwasher is full before switching it on.


Look for Leaks

If you think that you've cut your water usage right down, but your bills say otherwise, check carefully to see if you have any leaks on your property. The toilet and taps are likely culprits. You should also check outside, as any soggy areas in the garden could be a sign of a leak.


Cleaning Your Car

Finally, when you clean your car avoid using the hosepipe, which is going to use a lot of water. Fill a bucket instead; it may be more work but you'll use far less water. If you go to a car wash, try to find one that recycles its water.

We do take it for granted that we have constant access to clean, fresh water. It's guaranteed that if we had to fetch water from a well, we'd be far more careful in how we use it! But cutting down our water consumption also means that we'll have lower bills. Do you have any tips for using less energy and water?

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