7 Incredibly Smart Ways to save on Lighting Costs ...


7 Incredibly Smart Ways to save on Lighting Costs ...
7 Incredibly Smart Ways to save on Lighting Costs ...

There are some very simple ways to save on lighting costs. Not only will your utilities bill go down, but you can also feel good about doing a little bit more to save the planet. The ways to save on lighting costs are about being smart with some changes, or making the most of what you already have. Like these:

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Keep the Wattage Low

One of the simplest and most effective ways to save on lighting costs is to reduce the wattage. An overlit room only wastes power. There is no need to create very bright environments like those of offices and factories in your home. It makes sense to make a conscious effort to choose light bulbs of a wattage that suits the purpose of your room and the atmosphere you actually want to create.


Avoid Several Fittings

Bear in mind that you definitely waste power by using multiple fittings, even if you opt for low-wattage bulbs. Several of these low-wattage bulbs will combine and waste the same amount of energy you'd otherwise be wasting by using a single incandescent light with higher wattage.


Use Dimmers

Installing dimmers is one of the most effective ways to save on lighting costs, and it not only improves the overall life of low-voltage lighting like halogen downlights, but it also gives you some control over the amount of electricity you want a light to use. You can also install a dimmer and change the atmosphere of your room as per your liking. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that it is better to opt for an ENERGY STAR qualified product that uses a dimmer as well, as this will save more power and help cut your energy costs.


The Top 5

Yet another way to save on lighting costs is to replace five of the most important and frequently used light fixtures – swap them out for ENERGY STAR qualified models. These lights typically include living room table lamp, kitchen ceiling light, bathroom vanity light, living room floor lamp, and outdoor porch lamp. Replace these lights with more energy efficient models and you may end up saving more than $60/year in energy costs.


Solar Energy

Using specially designed lamps that operate on solar-charged batteries is one for the smartest ways to save on lighting costs. They are especially good for outdoor lighting and illuminating pathways. Interestingly, the use of solar-charged lights will also reduce carbon emissions, greenhouse gasses, and over-reliance on an ineffective power grid. It is true that installing solar panels may have a higher upfront cost, but you can get a solar rebate from the federal government to slash the initial cost by 50% or more.


Go Natural

It cannot be simpler than this – use as much natural light as possible and you'll end up saving money on lighting. The first step you need to take is to install skylights in relatively darker rooms – you may also consider opting for the same in workrooms, like kitchens. In case you're currently building a new apartment or house, you will benefit from positioning your rooms in a way that you could use natural daylight for most of the day – you can at least position the spaces where you spend most of your time to the north to get more light during the day.


Turn Them off

What could be a simpler way to save on lighting costs than turning them off when not in use? This is definitely an old piece of advice, but an effective one as well, which people usually overlook in homes and offices. Installing timers also helps cut energy costs and installing motion detectors, especially on your outdoor light fittings, will provide safety and keep lights from being on all night.

Finding ways to save money on lighting costs may seem too much effort for little reward, but the more you chip away at your utility bills, the lower they become. Saving money on energy is about finding choices that don’t impact your lifestyle. It’s smart – for your wallet and the planet. Do you think it’s worth saving money on lighting?

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