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Would you like to find out about some ways to save money on movie tickets? Then this post is for you. Going to the movies can be pretty expensive these days, but it's never the same watching a movie at home. So if you're a keen moviegoer, but don't like spending a small fortune, try these helpful ways to save money on movie tickets …

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Cheap Day

One of the easiest ways to save money on movie tickets is to go on their cheap day. Most cinemas have a designated day when they offer reduced-price tickets. Check which day your local cinema has these cheaper tickets. It'll be one of the quieter days (Mon-Thurs), so you'll also avoid the lengthy queues and packed-out screenings common on Friday or Saturday.



Always choose an off-peak screening if you can. Tickets are usually cheaper if you can go during the day, so if you are free on a weekday afternoon, take advantage of your unusual timetable and head to the cinema then. You may not be able to go with friends, but you don't really need someone else to watch a movie.


Membership Card

If you regularly go to one particular cinema, it could be worth getting their membership card. These usually include benefits like a certain number of tickets, discounts off full-price entry, or special screenings for members. Work out if you will save money over a year - if so, then it's worth your while buying the card.



We have an excellent local arts cinema that offers amazing subscription deals. For the equivalent of about $120, you have unlimited access to movies for a year. If you have a cinema like this, look into their subscription rates. You won't find the latest blockbusters, but you will find a program of quality movies. It's a great way to discover something new.



Museums and art galleries often offer a program of movie screenings related to a current exhibition or the theme of the museum. These screenings may be free or included in the price of the entry ticket. It will certainly be much cheaper than going to a commercial screening, and the themes can be very interesting. You can also enjoy the gallery's work into the bargain.


Discount Categories

Do you fall into one of the many categories of people that receive a discount? If you're disabled, out of work or a student, you can get cheaper tickets. Accompanying a disabled person can often get you in for free. And if you're one of our older readers, don't forget to take full advantage of a discount for senior citizens!



Some cinemas offer advance screenings of new movies and give free entry. It'll probably be an early Sunday showing, so forget your usual lie-in and head to the cinema instead. Also check your local paper for a chance to get free tickets - they often have coupons for screenings at local cinemas.

By the time you've paid for gas, parking, a ticket, popcorn and a drink, a simple trip to the movies becomes quite expensive. Even the ticket on its own isn't cheap. But if you try these ways to get cheap tickets, you can still enjoy the movies while saving money. Do you think movies are too expensive now?

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Wtf take a disabled person to the movies to get in for free+??

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costco also sells cheap amc tickets in sets of 2.

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