7 Awesome Jobs That Actually Exist ...

Since most daily jobs can get a bit boring and even mundane at times, here are 7 awesome jobs that actually exist. A lot of people find themselves daydreaming about the things they would like to do rather than staying at work, but for some people working might not seem like such a chore, especially if they have some of the most wonderful jobs ever. Of course, everybody has their opinion on what the perfect dream job entails, but not all of them require big fancy degrees or incredibly long hours. Here are 7 awesome jobs that actually exist:

1. Toy Tester

This must be one of the most awesome jobs that actually exist. This job title says that work and play are synonymous, so what more could you want from such a job? You’ll get to test products that have yet to hit the consumer market and you will not only have to ensure that those toys are fun but also that they are safe to play with.