7 Awful Jobs You'll Be Glad You Don't Have ...

If you think your job is bad, just wait until you hear about these awful jobs! These are real jobs that real people must do in order to keep the world functioning as it needs to, but let’s face it - you’re glad it’s not you that has to clean the puke from underneath roller coasters! Here are the top seven on my list of awful jobs I am so glad I don’t have!

1. Hazmat Diver

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Being a hazard materials (hazmat) diver is not only completely disgusting, but it is also extremely dangerous, and that is why it tops my list of awful jobs. If you’re a hazmat diver, you get the fabulous job of dressing up in a hot, heavy hazmat suit and diving through sewers, septic tanks and other vile, disease-ridden sludge. Hazmat divers have to have a range of vaccinations to protect them from the diseases they are exposed to daily.

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