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7 Awful Jobs You'll Be Glad You Don't Have ...

By Holly

If you think your job is bad, just wait until you hear about these awful jobs! These are real jobs that real people must do in order to keep the world functioning as it needs to, but let’s face it - you’re glad it’s not you that has to clean the puke from underneath roller coasters! Here are the top seven on my list of awful jobs I am so glad I don’t have!

1 Hazmat Diver

Hazmat DiverBeing a hazard materials (hazmat) diver is not only completely disgusting, but it is also extremely dangerous, and that is why it tops my list of awful jobs. If you’re a hazmat diver, you get the fabulous job of dressing up in a hot, heavy hazmat suit and diving through sewers, septic tanks and other vile, disease-ridden sludge. Hazmat divers have to have a range of vaccinations to protect them from the diseases they are exposed to daily.

2 Leather Tanner

Leather TannerThe job of a leather tanner is to treat and preserve animal hides to turn into leather. There are both modern and traditional methods used in this process, but to be honest both ways are pretty darn terrible. You’ll be dealing with either harsh chemicals or - even worse - decomposing goop, including brains! Ugh! This is one smelly, hot, grimy job that would no doubt leave you feeling filthy by the time the day was through.


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3 Mortician

MorticianIf dead bodies and what lies inside them is up your alley, maybe you could consider becoming a mortician. A mortician’s job is to embalm the body (that is, treating the body so that is doesn’t rot and fester), dress the body ready for the funeral, placing the body in the coffin, ‘cossetting’ (which is when makeup is put on the body so that it doesn’t look, well, dead) the body, then cremating or burying it. This is certainly not a job for the faint-hearted!

4 Poultry Processor

Poultry ProcessorPoultry processors essentially get chickens and turkeys ready for selling in supermarkets and butchers. It is a dirty, smelly job, and the workers operate in cold, cramped conditions, trimming, cutting, plucking, cleaning, cleaning and mincing chicken and turkey ready for sale. Unfortunately, machinery hasn’t been designed that can do these jobs, so it’s left for people.

5 Crime Scene Cleaner

Crime Scene CleanerCrime scenes look very mysterious and exciting on the crime shows, but once the detectives have done their work and got all the praise for their hard work, someone has to come along and clean it all up. That is where the crime scene cleaners come in, with their mops and their masks, sweeping up bits of bodies and disinfecting blood-stained walls. Sound like fun?

6 Vomit Collector

Vomit CollectorA special sub-category of janitor, a vomit cleaner does just that - stand under the roller coasters and other stomach-churning rides at amusement parks and wait for someone to puke. When that happens, they run in with a mop and bucket and clean it up, because let’s face it - who wants to see a pile of vomit on the footpath?

7 Portaloo Cleaner

Portaloo CleanerYep, there is a special job especially for cleaning out portable toilets. In you venture, armed with a vacuum and a peg for your nose, and suck out the contents of the toilet, ready for it to be used again. I think the worst part would be during a music festival, when the toilets are used constantly, 24 hours a day! Ew!

Does your job sound great now? These jobs are smelly, dirty and disgusting and, worst of all, most of them just don’t pay well. They’re awful jobs, but someone has got to do them! What is the worst job you’ve heard of?

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