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7 Reasons Why You're Still Unemployed after Several Months ...

By Valencia

If you’ve been looking for a job for months, there are several possible reasons why you're still unemployed. Understandably, you can't force anyone to give you a job. And since employers are bombarded with job applications, you might fall through the cracks. But sometimes, the problem isn't too many applicants, but you. Here are seven reasons why you're still unemployed after several months

1 You do Not Interview Well

Your interviewing skills may be one of the reasons why you're still unemployed after months. It isn't enough to have skills and experience. Employers choose the best applicants based on the interview. And if you can't communicate, or if you don't provide satisfactory answers, you might not leave a good impression, compelling the employer to choose someone else.

2 You’re Overqualified

If you’ve been out of work for several months, you might be willing to take any job that comes along. However, if an employer reads your resume and sees your experience, he might conclude that you're over qualified for the job. If you’re trying to get a job that you're overqualified for, downplay your resume a bit. You might leave off certain responsibilities, accomplishments or achievements.


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3 You Didn't Follow Instructions

Some employers have clear-cut instructions for job applicants. Some require resumes and cover letters, whereas others simply require an application. If you do not follow a company's application instructions, the hiring manager may not schedule an interview with you. If you can't follow simple instructions, they’ll conclude that you’ll have a difficult time following instructions once you're employed.

4 Your Personal Style is Too Much

It's okay to have your own personal style. However, if your style does not match with the company's culture, the hiring manager may seek another applicant, despite the fact that you have the skills, experience and education. When interviewing for a job, choose conservative dress, and avoid outlandish jewelry, makeup or any other distracting style.

5 You’re a Smoker

It might not be fair; and yes, what you do in your personal time is your business. But unfortunately, if you're a smoker, this can turn off an employer – especially if he or she smells smoke on you during the interview. A brief smoke before the interview may calm your nerves, however, the scent of cigarette may linger on your clothes as you enter the office. From an employee standpoint, you might take several breaks throughout the workday, which can reduce productivity.

6 You’re Asking Too Much Money

You probably know your worth, especially if you’ve researched salary ranges for your area. But unfortunately, an employer can only pay what the company has. And if you ask for too much money, an employer may pass on the opportunity to hire you. Putting salary requirements in your cover letter is advisable, but also mention that salary is negotiable.

7 You Talk Too Much

You may feel that your extrovert personality will help you shine above the competition. However, it's important to strike a balance. Talking too little during an interview is detrimental, and talking too much can turn off an employer. If you come off as a chatterbox, the employer may assume that you'll spend most of the work day conversing, as opposed to working.

Whether you’re a new college graduate, or you're seeking a new employment opportunity, snagging a job is extremely challenging. But while several factors might stand in your way, recognizing potential interviewing pitfalls and improving your job search skills can increase the odds of finding a job. What are other things that might prevent a job offer?

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