7 Skills That Look Great on a Resume ...

If you're trying to land your dream job, there are skills that look great on a resume that you should aim to get under your belt. That piece of paper is the way your potential employer will find out about you, and you want to make a good first impression. You need to convince them that you'd be a valuable asset to their company, so that they'll have no choice but to hire you. Here are some of the skills that look great on a resume:

1. Computer Skills

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Most jobs in this century involve computers, so it's important that you know how to use them. You can list the operating systems that you're able to navigate, and mention your typing speed. Any type of computer skills that you possess are important to jot down. They're skills that look great on a resume, and most employers will be impressed.

2. Speaking Foreign Languages

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If you know more than one language, you'll be able to speak to customers from different countries. Whether you're applying for a job at a grocery store or a CEO position at a company, this is a great skill to have. It shows that you're able to communicate with more groups of people than the average person can.

3. Experience with Tutoring

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If you were a math tutor throughout high school, and now you're applying to become a math teacher, list your years of tutoring on your resume. You might as well let your potential employer know exactly what you're capable of, and why you're absolutely perfect for the job. Don't be afraid to brag.

4. Financial Skills

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If you're skilled with budgeting, write it on your resume. List any former times when you handled a financial situation at an earlier job. Money is the most important thing to most managers, so they'll be impressed if you know how to handle it. This skill might just get you that job, so if you have it, list it.

5. Leadership Skills

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List any leadership skills that you have, because every employer likes someone who thinks outside of the box and is able to take charge of a situation. If something goes wrong, show that you can handle it. It makes you a valuable asset to any team.

6. Teamwork Skills

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If you possess any skills that involve teamwork, list them. Most jobs require you to work with other people, so it's important that you're able to get along with others. If you have problems with coworkers, then you won't be lasting long at any job.

7. Whatever's Relevant

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You can alter your resume, depending on what type of job you're applying for. If you want to be a typist, then it's important you list all of your computer skills. Just make sure that you don't lie about any of your skills in order to look good. If they find out you're lying, you could be out of the job as soon as you get it.

If you want to look better than all of the other applicants who want your dream job, then you have to make yourself seem valuable. Make sure you list all of your important skills, so that they realize just how talented you are. What other skills do you typically list on your resume?

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