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If you’re currently looking for a new job, teaming up with a recruiter will be your best bet of finding your next opportunity. Job-hunting can be both scary and exciting but by teaming up with a recruiter your search will be more exciting than scary.

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Having a Personal Promoter

One of the best benefits of teaming up with a recruiter is that you have your own personal promoter. Your recruiter will be the best cheerleader and will do all she can to find you your next job, because it will be beneficial for you both. Rest assured that your recruiter will say great things about you when she's marketing you to companies.


Having Someone There to Give Interview Tips

Feeling nervous about your interview? Not sure what to say or what to wear? Your recruiter will be your go-to person to answer any question you have about the big day. Most recruiters will even make sure to call you before your interview to ensure that you are ready. In my company, we actually make it a point to meet our candidates 15 minutes before the interview and then actually walk them in to formally meet the client before the interview. That’s love right there, guys!


Being Able to Inquire about Your Target Companies

Have a company on your target list? Ask your recruiter about the company. He/she will be able to speak with you about the company that you want to learn more about before you actually through your recruiter to apply for the job. This will give you a lot of assurance whether or not the company and the company culture is a good fit for you.


Getting inside Scoops about Job Postings

Similarly, if you’re really curious about a certain job posting that you saw send it to your recruiter so that he/she can give you information about the job. If you check in with your recruiter and ask about floating job postings, he/she will be able to give you the inside scoop about job postings that may not even be posted yet. Ask, and you shall receive!


Having Someone Hoping You Get Hired

Your recruiter is on your side 100%. If you are in the running for an interview, your recruiter will be your number one fan rooting you on and hoping that you will get hired! As previously mentioned, it’s a win-win when you get hired for both you and your recruiter. I’m pretty sure your recruiter will hope you get the job more than your best friend!


Getting Free Help in Your Search

Did I mention yet that all of these tips and all of this support and searching for you is free? I let you in on a little secret…this service is free for you. That’s right, you don’t have to pay a penny…well, you’ll need to pay for gas to drive to your recruiter’s office and then drive yourself back home…but other than the drive, the service is free for you. Pretty cool, huh?


Having Someone to Give You Honest Feedback

If you have questions about the way your resume looks or the way your portfolio looks, then don’t be shy to ask your recruiter what he/she thinks about your work. They are there to provide feedback…honest feedback. Accept this feedback with open arms – your recruiter knows the industry and knows what the client is looking out for. Make sure that if you do get feedback that you actually apply the changes your recruiter took the time to share with you.

Hopefully by now you realize just how beneficial it is to team up with a recruiter. If you’ve teamed up with a recruiter in the past, how was your experience?

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