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7 Incredible Ways to Bounce Back from a Demotion ...

By Valencia

There are several ways to bounce back from a demotion. Understandably, a demotion can be frustrating and a little humiliating. But there are probably good reasons why your boss feels you need to take a step backwards. Rather than get discouraged, here are seven incredible ways to bounce back from a demotion at work.

1 Be Humble

Eating humble pie is one of the best ways to bounce back from a demotion. You might be tempted to argue with your boss or prove your employer wrong, but your boss no doubt has a legitimate reason for the demotion. Even if you don't agree, accept the fact that your boss knows best. At the end of the day, his loyalty is to the entire company, and not an individual worker.

2 Watch Your Emotions

It's normal to be upset when you're demoted at work, but you need to maintain control of your emotions. Remember, everyone is watching you, and some people might be betting on the fact that you'll lose control. Prove these individuals wrong. If you have to cry, scream, yell or kick something, wait until you get home.


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3 Observe the New Person in Your Role

If now wasn't the right time for you to hold a certain position, you might qualify for this position again in the future. For now, observe the new person in your role. You can probably learn a lot from this individual. Observation might even provide clues as to where you went wrong, which can help you better understand your employer's decision to remove you from your position.

4 Don't Quit

After a demotion, you might be ready to pack your bags and move on. But leaving your job right now might not be the best thing for your career. You probably need your employer as a reference, and if you leave on bad terms or because you're upset, this can look bad when you're applying for new positions. Stick it out for now and see if you can make it work. If not, you might consider switching jobs in the next few months.

5 Shine in Your New Role

Even if you feel overqualified for your new role, continue to give your employer 110%. If you can shine and grow in this position -- and maintain a positive attitude -- it'll be easier to get a promotion in the future. The worst thing you can do is act like you're too good for your new position.

6 Educate Yourself

Sometimes, employers demote employees because they didn't have the skills necessary for a particular role. If this was the case, use this time to educate yourself. You might learn and become proficient with certain software programs, or you might take workshops or seminars to improve your leadership or management skills.

7 Be Thankful You Have a Job

The national unemployment rate might be decreasing, but there are still plenty of people having difficulty finding work. So although you've been demoted, you need to count your blessings and be thankful you receive a steady paycheck.

A demotion can come by surprise, and you might not agree with the decision. But you can't change your employer's mind. The best thing you can do is learn from this experience and grow. What are other ways to bounce back from a demotion?

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