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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Abruptly Quit Your Part-time Job ...

By Valencia

Your job might drive you crazy, but there are good reasons not to quit your part-time job abruptly. Whether you don't get along with your boss or coworkers, making a hasty decision and walking away from your job can have long-term financial consequences. There are better ways to deal with an unpleasant situation. Here are seven reasons why you shouldn't abruptly quit your part-time job.

1 You Don't Have a Savings Account

Even if you don't have a lot of weighty responsibilities, you probably have a few monthly expenses, such as a credit card bill, a cell phone bill and transportation costs. And if you're a young adult, you might have rent payments. A bad working situation can be stressful, but if you don't have a savings account and you quit your part-time job, you might be unable to pay your expenses while looking for other work.

2 You Don't Have a Plan

As much as you hate your job, you shouldn't quit your part-time job until securing new employment. If you quit your job without a plan, you could complicate your situation. Besides, research shows it's easier to get a job when you're already employed. Therefore, stick it out and actively seek a new job.


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3 Your Situation Might Improve

Rather than abruptly walk away from your part-time job, have a candid discussion with your boss. Express your frustrations in a respectful and professional manner. There's a good chance that your boss is oblivious to how you feel. Maybe you're overwhelmed or feel overworked. If your boss understands your dilemma, he or she might come up with a solution that's a win-win for everyone.

4 You’re Not Being Realistic

If this is your first job, you may feel that you'll have a better experience elsewhere. But every job has its ups and downs. And if you seek other employment, you're likely to dislike aspects about your new job as well. The point is simple, there is no such thing as the perfect job. And if you keep running from job to job in search of the perfect situation, you may be sadly disappointed.

5 You’ll Leave a Bad Impression

Quitting a stressful part-time job might lift a burden off your shoulder, but it could result in an unfavorable reference. If you don't plan to use this employer as a reference when applying for new jobs, abruptly walking away isn’t the worst thing in the world. But if you need this reference to prove you have experience in a particular field, always give a two-weeks notice.

6 You’ll Come off as Irresponsible

Nobody ever said working a part-time job would be easy. And if you get into a habit of quitting every time the going gets tough, others may think you're irresponsible. This can include your parents, friends and even future employers.

7 It Doesn't Look Good on Your Resume

Even if you don't use this employer as a reference, you might include this job on your resume. When future employers examine your resume, they’ll check to see how long you lasted at each job. And if you have a habit of quitting part-time jobs after a few weeks or months, future employers may conclude that you're not looking for long-term placement and pass on your application.

There is a wrong way and a right way to quit a job. Whether you're working part-time or full-time, don't give up so easily. Speak with your boss and see if there’s a way to improve the situation. And if not, always give ample notice before leaving a job. What are other reasons why you shouldn't abruptly quit a job?

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