Become an Expert πŸ‘Œ in Your Job-Field πŸ“– in 10 Steps πŸ“Ά ...


It is a task that is easy to take up, but hard to finish. The problem arises from the fact that people can get nowhere fast, when trying to become an expert in a field. Some experts seem to know an eye-watering amount of things, and even after years of study and experience, you may feel that you simply cannot compete with them. The biggest and best tip that you will ever hear is that you need to be tenacious. You need to understand that becoming an expert takes years, and is a lifelong process. The moment you stop learning and trying is the moment you relegate yourself back down to a regular Joe. The world moves so fast that being an expert has to be maintained.

Time will remove experts who stand still

Can you imagine how far behind a programmer would be if he/she was still using C programming for everything. In the olden days a C programmer would be held in high esteem. But now a C programmer needs to know C++, C# and objective C. An expert would also need to understand Visual basic and preferably JavaScript too. Before Freud’s work was largely discredited, there were experts in his theories. If a person based most of their psychology discipline on Freud nowadays, nobody would call him/her an expert. To stop learning and to stop becoming an expert is the road to never being one.

Here is how to become an expert in your job field in 10 steps:

1. Take up More Education

To become an expert you are going to have to take as many educational courses as you can, and you must take up new courses, as you get older, so that you can keep up to date with modern trends and technology. The more qualifications you have then the more attention people will pay when you tell them you are an expert.

Learn from the Veterans