7 Best Times to Find Deals While Shopping ...


7 Best Times to Find Deals While Shopping ...
7 Best Times to Find Deals While Shopping ...

Knowing the best times to find deals can help you rake in the savings on purchases you make. I love shopping, but I hate paying full price for items that I find! I started paying close attention when I shopped, and personally discovered when the best times to find deals are! Keep on reading if you’d like to learn for yourself when those times are.

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Late Evening

One of the best times to find deals while shopping is in the late evening. I find that this tip usually applies mainly to grocery shopping. Bread and meat prices drop by the end of the day in hopes of clearing stock out before the store closes for the night. Another bonus of shopping in the evening is that crowds are usually smaller and lines are typically shorter!



I love holiday sales! When a holiday is approaching, you may find that a store has 30% or more of a markdown on the selection. Most malls will hold a sale with nearly any holiday you can imagine. So whether you are looking for some new threads or some cute fall/Valentine/Independence Day décor, make sure you check your local ads to see if there are some great sales before you pay full price!


After Holidays

Have you ever been shopping the day after Christmas? The prices are unbelievable! I have often done my shopping for Christmas the following year on the day after Christmas or New Year's Day. Nearly any store will have phenomenal sales the day or week following a holiday though. They have seasonal stock to clear out so make sure you take advantage and stock up!


Change of Seasons

When summer turns to fall or winter turns to spring, stores start to change their clothing displays. This means one thing: A sale is soon to follow! If you would like to snag some sweaters for the next fall or a pair of cute shorts to rock the following summer, now’s your chance so hurry and shop when the seasons start to change!



I almost always seem to find huge sales when I shop on the weekends! Maybe it’s because stores know that people tend to do more shopping on the weekends so they hope to lure people out with a tempting sale. I’m not entirely sure, but I have found some of my most brag-worthy deals on the weekends!


Black Friday

We all know the biggest shopping day of the year is Black Friday. Now I have only braved the crowds a couple of times myself, but those few times I managed to snag some of the smartest bargains ever! If you like the thrill of a good race, or just want to buy your Christmas gifts for the lowest price possible, Black Friday is the day to do it!


Going out of Business Sales

When stores are going out of business, they absolutely must clear out any and all stock. This results in super savings for customers! So when you see those banners for “Going Out of Business,” make sure you pop in and look around. I once scored a piece of trendy furniture for a mere $20 at one of these types of sales!

Have you started your holiday gift shopping yet? If not, I hope these tips will be perfect to help you find some amazing savings on all your purchases. Shopping is fun, but saving money while you shop is even more fun! Thanks for reading!

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This is great!

Love ❤️ the tips!!

I've always wanted to go shopping on Black Friday but unfortunately I'm always broke on that date

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