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There’s nothing I love more than saving money on something I’m going to buy anyway. I tend to always look for a sale or a coupon before I buy anything. If that’s a high you want to be on, you have come to the right place. If you hate paying full price for anything, use these great tips to save cash on any purchase you plan to make. Save all that extra money for a rainy day or a fab vacation that you’ll always remember.

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Download a Money Saving App to Your Smartphone

Some stores will reward you with a discount simply for keeping their app on your phone. For example, I have the Cartwheel app for Target, which lets me choose the deals I want based on what I plan to buy. Then they scan it at the register and I instantly save cash. You could also try a site like Ibotta or Kickback, both of which offer rewards for buying certain things or shopping in certain stores. It’s not much work and it will keep you from paying full price.


Check the Clearance Racks First

If you need something, go straight to the clearance racks first. You might find just what you’re looking for at a deep discount. This works for everything from clothes to electronics to shoes to home goods. There’s even a markdown rack at most grocery stores that offer great stuff at a cheaper price. You may never pay full price again!


Ask for a Discount

Obviously you can’t do this when you’re getting groceries, but many furniture and electronic stores are allowed to knock a bit of the price if you haggle with them a little bit. You can also do this on the car lot to avoid paying full price. If you are willing to pay cash, you can often get a discount because the store won’t have to deal with credit card payments. Get over your fear and just ask for a reduced price. You might be surprised.


Check the Thrift Shop

If you’re in the market for a stash of books for your upcoming vacay or you want something cute to decorate your new bathroom, consider hitting the thrift store. You can often find like new things there that people used for a few months and then donated, even though it wasn’t worn out. You can save big money this way.


Shop at an Online Discount Store

This last Christmas my husband and I found drones that our kids were dying to have for $150 each. I looked them up on Amazon and found them for $44 each. I saved a ton of money, even with shipping. You can often find the same item in a store from an online discount site and save yourself from paying the full ticket price. All you have to do is search for the item. Easy, right?


Take the Time to Clip Coupons

I know it sounds like an old generation thing, but I save several dollars per shopping trip by cutting coupons from my local newspaper and printing them off the store’s website. It might not sound like a lot, but a dollar here and there adds up. If all it takes to prevent paying full price is getting out the scissors, then what’s stopping you?


Join a Saving Site

The most well-known is Groupon, but there are others out there too. This app gives you deals all the time that can save you loads of money on tickets to the movies, meals in a restaurant and a day at the spa. You’ll never pay full price for anything again!

How do you prevent paying full price? Which of these ideas are you willing to try?

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