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If you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your home, then you’re probably thinking of selling up in the near future. Here are some helpful ways to increase the value of your home, including some things to avoid that could decrease its value and make it harder to sell.

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Go Green

Now that everyone is so environmentally aware, one of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to make it more green. This will appeal to potential buyers who are very serious about the environment, as well as people who are less so, but would like to save money on their energy bills. Think double or even triple glazing, insulation and maybe even solar panels.


Upgrade the Kitchen

Every family home needs a good, modern kitchen. Consider putting in stainless steel appliances and stone or granite worktops. Or, if you’re on a tighter budget, a lick of paint and some shiny new knobs on your cabinets and cupboards can still make a big difference.


Makeover the Bathroom

People make a lot of their judgments about a house based on the kitchen and bathroom, so doing up the bathroom is essential too. A combination of mirrors and good lighting will go a long way to make the room look much more spacious. Make sure the suite is up to date and that everything is working properly, as well as spotlessly clean. You can always reglaze a bathtub rather than get a new one, to save money.


Put in Natural Hardwood Flooring

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to ditch any scruffy, ageing carpets and get some clean, modern hardwood flooring instead. They’re easier to clean, and better for people who suffer from allergies. And rugs are always an option to make the place feel more homely.


Don’t Convert the Garage

It’s all very well doing the right things, but if you do some of the wrong things too then the value of your home won’t increase very much. Many people convert their garages into family rooms or play rooms (that quite often don’t even get used a great deal) and then find the house difficult to sell. This is because similar houses will offer a garage: somewhere to keep a car and to store bikes, lawnmowers and rubbish bins, which many buyers will want.


Don’t Put in a Pool

If you’re planning in staying in your home for a very long time, putting in a pool is fine. Otherwise, don’t bother. Many people don’t want the additional costs that go with running it, and families will be concerned with accidental drownings.


Don’t Spend Too Much on Decorating

Some people make the mistake of decorating far too opulently, and this is definitely not one of the ways to increase the value of your home. Quite often, they will spend more than these additions will increase the house’s values by, and potential buyers may not like the décor anyway. That £500 chandelier in the dining room might look lovely to you, but the next owner might want to use that room as an extra bedroom, or just not like it!

These are just a few ways to increase the value of your home. The best options for you depend on your house, neighbourhood and circumstances, so it is worth viewing similar houses in the area for ideas and speaking to your estate agent. Have you undertaken any projects to increase the value of your home?

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You've done all this, or grabbed it from another site? How much did you add to the value of your home? You see unless you can talk from your personal experience of adding value from what you did how am I to know that spending £3K on a kitchen and £2K on new bathroom with new hardwood flooring at £2K would increase the value of my home by £10K; you see £3K profit on a £200K home for the hassle of 6 months of upheaval really isn't worth it. You haven't demonstrated that you've actually done this so sorry thanks for the suggestions but I'll look elsewhere.

Pools add a lot of value here, it is sooo hot in the summers. They can be used most of the year here, all year if it is heated :)

Thanks. When I do get a place I'll do that.

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