7 Free Templates for Killer Resumes ...


You can find plenty of advice about creating your resume, but if youโ€™re lacking confidence because itโ€™s your first one, or maybe youโ€™re not achieving success with your existing one, you could take advantage of the many free resume templates available online. But, please note, free templates for resumes really are so numerous that you do need to spend a little time in making sure you choose a suitable one. Iโ€™ve dug out a selection of a few free resume templates to give you an idea of what is out there.

1. John Doe

Find it at graphicsfuel.com

This is a well-made template that is not actually called John Doe, but has it featured as the first thing on the resume. It is a colorful resume template that is going to suit people working in a creative field or a creative job of some sort. At first it might seem a little muddled, but with a little creative filling out, you can create a decent resume. This is one of the many free resume templates on this list that may be converted to suit almost any job you are looking to get.

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