7 Ways to Feel Confident about Quitting Your Job ...

By Donatella

7 Ways to Feel Confident about Quitting Your Job ...

Moving forward with a life-changing decision such as quitting your job or switching schools can be very difficult and confusing. But just as your inner gut feeling told you to move on from a previous relationship, tune into how your emotions are giving you the answer about quitting your job. If you’re feeling like you should continue reading, here are some ways to feel confident about making this decision.

Table of contents:

  1. you’re meant for something greater
  2. you’re more than your boss makes you feel
  3. it’s time for a change
  4. a new opportunity is knocking
  5. you’ve been feeling empty
  6. there’s no room for growth
  7. you’re only staying for the people

1 You’re Meant for Something Greater

The most important way to feel confident about quitting your job is to focus on the fact that you’re most likely meant for something greater. Maybe you’ve been working at a very safe and boring 9am-5pm job and it hasn’t brought you any satisfaction or joy. Chase after what brings you that satisfaction and joy! Always remember how special you are and how you are meant to do great things.

2 You’re More than Your Boss Makes You Feel

Your boss is upsetting you, putting you down, or making you feel like you cannot amount to anything. If you are feeling worthless in your current position, then feel confident that you are worth more than how your boss makes you feel. Nobody deserves to stay in a position without recognition and acceptance. When you take hold of your own self worth, you will confidently make the right decision to leave.

3 It’s Time for a Change

Change is inevitable and it needs to be welcomed and embraced. If you’ve been feeling like it’s about time to explore a new opportunity or follow a different road, your inner gut feeling is most likely steering you in the right direction…don’t fight that feeling.

4 A New Opportunity is Knocking

Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. Just because you’ve been comfortable in your job or even if you’ve been in a high position for a while, it’s always in your best interest to explore other opportunities. You never know what good can come out of a knocking opportunity until you jump in and find out!

5 You’ve Been Feeling Empty

Look at your feeling of emptiness at your current job as a blessing in disguise. Be confident that if you DO feel empty, you are ready to make that leap of faith into a new career path. Even if you love whom you’re working with, you may not feel whole or satisfied doing what you do anymore. Do yourself a favor and get out!

6 There’s No Room for Growth

A clear sign of feeling confident about quitting your job is if there is absolutely no room for growth in the company. Do not allow the day-to-day motions of your job trick you into staying on the same pay structure and level as when you first started. I have a friend who has worked at Target for 6 years who unfortunately hasn’t seen any development or growth since she started. Again, remember your self worth! You are better than what you’re currently stuck in.

7 You’re Only Staying for the People

Friendships formed in the office are important; loving who you work with is the best feeling in the world. But at the end of the day, are the groups of friends you’ve made worth you staying in a position that makes you feel unhappy or unmotivated? No. Feel confident that even though you’ve made great friends and connections, it’s OK to leave them behind as you pursue your true passion and fulfill your destiny. Friends will always be friends in the end – if the connections you’ve made are that strong, you will remain close no matter what.

No matter what you’ve gone through or what situation you’re currently in, I encourage you to really think about how you’re feeling in your job. Make the best decision for YOU – don’t let others around you influence your decision. What obstacles are you currently going through? Which one of the 7 do you personally relate to?

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