7 Helpful Hints on Nailing a Skype Interview ...

There are some definite dos and don’ts when it comes to nailing a Skype interview. While it might seem easier to deal with a remote interview since you’ll be in a familiar place, there are lots of things to take into consideration when you’re not face-to-face. Take heed of these seven helpful hints on nailing a Skype interview and make a great impression!

1. Keep It Professional

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First and foremost, when it comes to portraying yourself professionally and nailing a Skype interview, keep everything professional. This means changing the picture of you and your friends in Vegas as your profile picture to a simple, professional one. Or create a brand new account with just your first and last name so your Skype name isn’t something like SexyTenderoni or an inside joke between friends. Creating a new account will also ensure you won't be interrupted by others during your interview!

2. Do Your Homework

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The second interview tip is to do some research. Just like you would research a company before a face-to-face, you want to do the same for a remote interview. The extra thing to look out for is to check out the company’s social media and online presence. This will give you clues on how employees dress, interact and conduct themselves so you’re better prepared on how to behave during your interview.

3. Clean up

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Whenever you have an interview you want to make sure you look your best. Since you’ll only be seen via video, take the time to pick out makeup and a hairstyle that come across flattering and polished. This might take some experimenting, but it’s worth it. Also, be sure to have your eyebrows groomed and have on your best interview suit or outfit!

4. Background Check

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With a Skype interview, most of your surroundings will be visible so take the time to tidy up! Even if you think your overflowing makeup collection or gym bag isn’t visible, go the extra mile to clean up so there isn’t anything distracting to take the interviewer’s attention away from you and give them the wrong idea. Try to pick an area where there is a neutral background or wall away from any clutter.

5. Lighten up

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The next interview tip is to make sure you have proper lighting. Place any light sources in front of you and not the back. If there is a window, make sure you’re not sitting in front of it; it can darken your face and make your face harder to see. Also, position yourself so that you’re sitting back from the screen so your head and shoulders are in frame and place the computer somewhat higher than you. It might feel awkward since you normally sit up closer, but it’ll look better!

6. Look into My Eyes

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Doing a Skype or video interview can be a bit challenging to get used to at first. When you’re doing the interview, make sure you look directly into the camera and not the image of your interviewer on the screen. Similarly, if you find yourself getting distracted by the image of your face on the screen, cover it up with a sticky note or paper.

7. Trial Run

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The final remote interview tip is that practice makes perfect. Just like many people go through potential interview questions and answers, it’s wise to practice and treat as if it’s the real thing with a friend on the other end. This way, you can feedback on how loud to talk, your outfit, if there’s anything distracting in the background and if you need to fix any technical problems before the big day.

Do you feel ready for your remote interview now?! Any kind of interview is stressful, but hopefully these tips can help you feel better prepared, confident and in control! Remember that you were chosen to be interviewed for a reason, so now it’s your time to show them what you’ve got and shine! Do you have any tips on doing a video or remote interview?

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