Here's How to Hold a Killer BBQ on a Budget ...


While being great fun, throwing a BBQ party can turn into an expensive treat. Plying your friends with delicious grilled meats and sides and scummy drinks – especially for a largish group – really isn’t cheap. But as you can’t really go through the whole summer without a grill party, here are some great tips on saving money on a BBQ:

1. Save Money – and Time: Turn Your BBQ Party into a Potluck

One simple yet effective way to have a BBQ on a budget is to ask your guests to bring a dessert or appetizer with them. You can definitely be a gracious host and provide food for everyone, but this won't be a great idea if you're on a tight budget. Moreover, asking your guests to bring something to share will add some delicious surprises to your menu.

Keep an Eye out for Bargains and Sales on Coals
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