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Wondering how to engage users on your website?

If you are a woman behind a given website, then you will want to analyze the behaviors of the members of your audience (the visitors to your site). Once you have completed that analysis, you ought to try predicting the behavior of that same audience. Think about how each member of that same group might go after a desired product or service.

At that point, you will need to become more creative. You should be looking for ways to provide those in your audience with an opportunity. You want to give them a chance to perform an action that was likely to end up on their β€œto do” list. By using the following strategy, you can push them towards an action, such as reading your content, subscribing to your list or even investing in your offered product or service.

Here's how to engage users on your website.

1. First, You Need to Pick Your Brain

Figuring out how to engage users on your website means brainstorming. It's a session at which you are the only participant. This is one of the few times when the female owner of a website can benefit from recalling any of the jargon that she has heard, while working in a given industry or field. As you recall that jargon, think about the role of the people that used it.

Think, too, about when that same jargon was used. Was it included in statements made to peers? Was it used when giving directions to those that sought an expert’s guidance? Consider, as well the words that a jargon-using woman turned to, when describing the work that she was doing. Once you have compiled a list of such words, you can enter them into a search bar on Google.

Next, You Need to Broaden and Intensify the Task That You Began in Step #1
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