7 Ideas for a Birthday Party on a Budget ...


A birthday party on a budget is usually met with dreaded groans and moans, not only from the kids but the parents too. A birthday party on a budget is going to be more work for mom, and less exciting for the kids since there won't be pony rides or juggling clowns, or at least that's what most people might think! But a birthday party on a budget doesn't have to be any less exciting or any more work than any other party! I've gotten together a few of my top ideas for fabulous birthday parties on a budget, and now all you need to do is decide which one of these awesome themes and tips you want to incorporate into your party!

1. Plan Ahead of Time

By waiting until the last minute to start planning your kids birthday party on a budget, you run a big risk of paying more than you wanted for party supplies and decor because you start running out of time and just have to buy what the store has, even if it's more than you want to pay. Instead, think ahead of time! Occasionally check party supply stores for sales, and start making a list of things you think this party will need. That way you can narrow it down as you go. Decide whether you want to serve a meal, snacks, or just cake and ice cream. Food is one of your biggest costs at most parties!

Know Where to Scrimp
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