7 Ideas for a Birthday Party on a Budget ...


7 Ideas for a Birthday Party on a Budget ...
7 Ideas for a Birthday Party on a Budget ...

A birthday party on a budget is usually met with dreaded groans and moans, not only from the kids but the parents too. A birthday party on a budget is going to be more work for mom, and less exciting for the kids since there won't be pony rides or juggling clowns, or at least that's what most people might think! But a birthday party on a budget doesn't have to be any less exciting or any more work than any other party! I've gotten together a few of my top ideas for fabulous birthday parties on a budget, and now all you need to do is decide which one of these awesome themes and tips you want to incorporate into your party!

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Plan Ahead of Time

By waiting until the last minute to start planning your kids birthday party on a budget, you run a big risk of paying more than you wanted for party supplies and decor because you start running out of time and just have to buy what the store has, even if it's more than you want to pay. Instead, think ahead of time! Occasionally check party supply stores for sales, and start making a list of things you think this party will need. That way you can narrow it down as you go. Decide whether you want to serve a meal, snacks, or just cake and ice cream. Food is one of your biggest costs at most parties!


Know Where to Scrimp

When planning birthday parties on a budget, you have to know where to scrimp and where to splurge! Decorations are one area you can scrimp on. Most kids don't pay attention to streamers, and balloons only get popped. Goodie bags can also be a waste of money, since the toys inside generally get thrown away. Paper products only get thrown in the trash, so find them on clearance or go with plain items for a better price. Buy a nice, reusable tablecloth and a birthday banner that you can have for future birthday parties. If you must, a few balloons here and there can add pops of color. For goodie bags, have brown paper bags and markers and stickers ready for the kids. They can decorate their own goodie bags, and fill them with candy that you picked up on clearance.


Don't DIY Everything

For a good birthday party on a budget, you don't have to DIY everything. But you can DIY where it counts! Don't spend a ton of money on a cake. Opt for cupcakes instead! Cupcakes are kid friendly and can be decorated to suit anyone's taste. If your child insists on a store-bought cake, buy a mini one for them, and them make a sheet cake to serve your guests. As mentioned before, keep party decorations to a minimum, but you can DIY centerpieces. Food is another thing you can DIY. If you decide to serve a meal, choose something easy like taco salad or hamburgers. Catering can be costly!


Throw a Theme Party

A theme birthday party on a budget is a nice way to let the kids have a good time without even realizing that the party is on a budget. Here are a few ideas for theme parties. Have a pool party! You can buy an inflatable pool for your backyard or use your local pool or a friends pool. A dress up party is good for kids too. Everyone can come wearing their favorite costume or you can provide them. Hit up after Halloween sales and thrift stores for good finds. Another idea that I love is a scavenger hunt party! Hold it in a park or a backyard, and have designated adult drivers who can take the teams around to find the items on the list.


Share Your Parties

Here's an idea for birthday parties on a budget that I love! Get together with a few moms in your neighborhood. Offer to share birthday parties with them! When each child's party rolls around, have all the moms bring a food item, a party favor, and a decoration item. You will be in charge of games, game prizes, and cake and ice cream, but the rest of it will be an easier task. And when the other children have their parties, you can do the same. This also provides a great opportunity for socializing and getting to know new people in your neighborhood.


Space out Birthday Parties on a Budget

One great tip I love to share with parents who throw birthday parties on a budget is to remember that you don't have to throw your child a huge party every year. Let them have a big party on the "milestone" birthdays, like ages 5,10,13,16 and 18, and then the celebrations in between can be quiet family get-togethers. Or tell them that every other year will be a big party. A good way to keep your part guests from focusing on the lack of entertainment options that a bigger party might have, is to fill the empty space with lots of games. Kids love games and you can usually pull one together out of supplies you have around the house.


Let Kids do the Planning

When it comes to budget friendly birthday parties, kids often don't understand the concept of saving money. To keep your child from viewing you as "the mean mom who won't let me have what I want," let your child do the planning. This will only work for older children, but it works well! Give your kid the limit they have for planning their party, say $100. Then tell them that they can have whatever they want, but that's all the money they have. Then, it's up to your child to decide what is a priority and what isn't! They can choose to let you bake a cake for $5 or order one for $35. This lets your child feel that they are in charge, and they won't be angry with you for saying no on every little thing!

After looking through all of these super fun ideas for budget-friendly birthday parties, I hope you have gotten some stellar ideas for your little one's big day!

These party plans are every bit as appealing to children as they are simple and fun for mom to coordinate and put together. Birthdays are important to kids, so don't downplay them just because you are on a budget. You can still pull off a big day with a bang! Do you have any tips to add for planning a birthday party on a budget? Please comment below with your own thoughts! Thanks for reading!

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