7 Important Questions to Ask in a Job Interview ...

Job interviews are a really daunting experience, but you should’t just be answering questions - if you learn some of your own questions to ask in a job interview then you can really make a great impression on your potential boss. Asking questions makes you seem prepared, knowledgable and mature, so add some of these to your list of pre-prepared questions to ask in a job interview.

1. How Many Other People Work There

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Asking how many people work at the company with which you are applying is a great idea, not only because it makes you sound interested and inquisitive, but it gives you a great insight into how many people you will be interacting with on a day to day basis. If you have a particular working style, then this should be a definite on your list of questions to ask in a job interview.

2. What They like about Working There

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This question can give away a great deal about the company you’re applying for. If the interviewer is quick to respond, smiles and looks happy when they talk, you know the workplace is a great one. If they are hesitant, however, or seem uncomfortable, maybe that’s a good sign that the job might not be for you.

3. When You Can Expect to Hear Back from Them

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It’s totally nerve-wracking waiting to hear back from a job interview, and it’s even worse when you’re not sure when the call will be coming! That’s why you are well within your rights to ask when you should expect a call, then that way you won’t necessarily be worried about why they haven’t called back a week later.

4. What Your Expected Hours Would Be

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If you apply for a job looking for a specific number of hours, then it’s important that you won’t start the job and either be offered too much work or too little. The job description may tell you how many hours you will be working, but if not, it’s a great question to bring up to make sure the job is exactly the one you want.

5. How Many Other Applicants There Are

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It is very handy to know how many other people are being interviewed for the role you are interested in! It may be a lot of people or it may only be you - whichever way, knowing how many other applicants there are can assist you in either explaining why you’re the best candidate if there’s a lot of competition, or instead focussing on what makes you personally suitable for the role if you’re the only one.

6. Precisely What the Role Involves

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You need to know what you will be expected to do within the position you’re applying for, or else how do you know if you’re well suited? You should have a rough idea based on the job description you applied for, but prompting the interviewer for more information about the role is a great way to gain some knowledge and look prepared. Show you read up on the position by asking in a way such as β€œI saw that this position requires me to **** , what other things will I be expected to do?”

7. What about Your Application Caught Their Eye

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This is a great way to gain some feedback about your application. The interviewer might comment on your work history, your qualifications, your cover letter or perhaps even your references, and this will show you what in your resume really stands out. It will give you confidence in your application and show you what people really look for in a potential employee.

It is really important that you ask all the questions you want answered within your job interview, after all, if you get offered the job, you need to be 100% willing to accept. Going into a job unsure or unprepared can be really stressful, so if you know what to expect it will make the process significantly easier! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. What do you always make sure you ask about at a job interview?

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