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7 Insider Sales Shopping Tips to Rock This January ...

By Kati

I heard some amazing sales shopping tips this week. Now that Christmas is done and dusted for another year, everyone is thinking about the January sales – and exactly how you can get your hands on that dress that you’ve been eyeing up, or those shoes that you’ve lusted over all year! Here are the insider sales shopping tips I’ll be sticking too this January…

1 Have a Strategy

The first of the sales shopping tips is to have a strategy. Know what you need, and where you want to go. Prioritise things, so that you go to the stores that you really want to go too first, and the ones you aren’t so interested in later. It might sound obvious, but a lot of people find themselves being lured in by sales signs or bustling crowds, and end up missing the really key sales that they originally headed out for.

2 Have a Map

Use a map of the shopping centre to find the best routes around. Most shopping centres have paper booklets or download an app such as Google or Bing maps that will show you exactly where each store is. This is especially useful if you are going to a shopping centre you haven’t been to before.

3 Keep Your Wits about You

Don’t be fooled by a reduced sticker. Just because something is 70% cheaper than it was last week doesn’t mean it’s worth the new price. Imagine where you’ll wear it, what with, and whether it’s worth the cost. The Wall Street Journal found that some stores actually increase the price of items during December, to make the January reductions look even more dramatic. Remember that just because something is in the sale, it doesn’t mean it’s good value.

4 Compare Prices on the Go

Download shopping apps to your phone in advance, and don’t be afraid to whip your phone out and compare prices while you are holding an item. Amazon’s Price Check, for example, is available on both Android and iPhone, and will return the best price for a variety of products. There are similar products for clothing. Smoopa even has an at-a-glance traffic light system, with a red light for rip-off situations, orange for careful considerations and green for absolute bargains.

5 Do Your Research

Most stores will publicize their sales well before the big day. Email list subscribers can even get special codes or early access. Make a list of the dates and times that sales start so you can ensure that you are in the right place, at the right time.

6 Shop Smarter

Always choose the shorter line of people, even if the people have more items to buy. New research has shown that shorter lines move faster, so you’ll get to buy your items faster, and get to your next shop. Speedier shopping = more bargains. A definite sales win.

7 Be Realistic

Unfortunately, plenty of people get taken for fools in the January sales. They buy rip-off luxury goods, or end up with really damaged goods that they didn’t spot initially. It’s unlikely that hugely luxury companies will hold amazing sales. Instead, focus your sales shopping on more realistic items, where you can make a killing and have some real success. If you do find an absolute bargain, do your best to authenticate it, and then check everywhere for damage. Many sales items are non-returnable. One of the best sales shopping tips I’ve ever heard is to always know the returns policy of the store you are shopping in!

I can’t wait to put these sales shopping tips into action. This year, I’ll be looking for warm clothes, work clothes and ski clothing…and a few things for the house, if I can find some amazing deals! What will you be using these sales shopping tips for this January?

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